Supporting people with depression to benefit from physical activity

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Stay Motivated

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BuddyApp provides a digital space , and turns two people with depression into buddies . The buddies can support each other in starting, planning and maintaining activities.

Be More Active

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BuddyApp allows to create users' own goals for activity , change them and adapt them to the users' needs and abilities. This handling is based on principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Indirect Notification System

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By using an indirect notification system, we allow the user:s to have a stress-free daily routine and address the problem of the high dropout rate that occurs with other sports apps.


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Physical Activity Physical activity is recommended as a regular adjuvant therapy for depression by the DGPPN. Yet we all know how hard it is to motivate ourselves to be regularly physically active. BuddyApp is an app that enables people with depression to support each other in their own, personalized journey of physical activity.

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Empowering It empowers people with depression to better understand the obstacles in their physical activity journey, to analyze and organize its path, without putting them under artificial pressure. Most importantly, it allows to benefit from a real person’s peer support, their Buddy.

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Tool For Practitioners The BuddyApp provides therapists with the ability to go beyond a pure recommendation and provide patients with a tool to guide them along the way.

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User Feedbacks

First feedbacks from our usability study at Charité

(The app) is simple and empowering to me. I feel like I can't do anything wrong. I feel safe and it is simple. I like it very much.
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I would love to have a tool to be able to give to my clients. I often recommend that they be more physically active. But who follows that?
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I like the idea of having a real person as a buddy and not a machine. I wouldn't want to talk to a machine.

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